Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Vertical Vision

Most venture capital firms will tell you that they provide more than just money. At KPG Ventures, we are no different. In addition to capital, successful entrepreneurship is about collaborating to transform a vision from something nebulous and theoretical into a concrete and innovative business. Our goal is to bring our years of operational experience to bear and to leverage our network so we can add more than just financial value to our portfolio companies.

At KPG Ventures, we do this by focusing on providing seed-stage funding for tech-centric, capital-efficient companies, with a particular emphasis on businesses that can fill voids in the consumer internet marketplace. The beauty of getting involved early and working efficiently is the potential to create tremendous value starting from very little. Our real world operations expertise in this arena, along with our keen knowledge of the particular verticals supporting these markets (social media, mobile, advertising and search technologies, as well as the people who manage them) makes us a potent ally for entrepreneurs forging futures along this path.

As we evaluate the fit between KPG Ventures and a potential portfolio company, we examine not only the idea and the market, but also the team. In addition to the entrepreneurs who bring their vision, the term “team” also includes KPG Ventures, and by extension, our network of entrepreneurs, managers, and other venture capitalists. Together, by working smart and working hard, we achieve the remarkable feat of building valuable and innovative businesses from the ground level.

In summary, here’s what differentiates KPG’s approach:

  • We’re narrowly focused. In addition to making it easy to determine if there is a fit between us and potential portfolio companies, this ensures that we are operating where we have the deep experience to add real value.
  • We’re small, which allows us to adapt quickly to the competitive landscape that you face, and make decisions quickly so you don’t have to wait for Monday partner meetings to get a response.
  • We have the operational expertise you need to grow your business from an idea on a paper napkin to a company of sustained value.